Hydro Aerobik na basenie MOSiR Gdańsk Chełm – 18.20 Sobota

Aqua aerobics with Yvette it’s to me … …


Aqua aerobics is to me the best way to quickly to form
a perfect, feminine silhouette. Why ideal? because the standard
40 minutes of exercise work all parts of the body, and further water
relieves the joints and spine, massaging the body and at the same
time the resistance of the water an ideal weight for working muscles …
I know something about this because I practice already a good few years.

But the most important thing is that the classes are really intense
and led by instructor Iwetta Dobroczek.
Aqua aerobics in them is for people who want to truly practice
and sculpt a figure … so I recommend Ms. Iwetta,
that when it comes to classes Aqua aerobics is the best in the Tri-City !!!