Harmonogram treningów pływackich dla młodzieży i dorosłych na basenie MOSiR Gdańsk Chełm

Swimming workouts for teenagers and adults

Training program focuses on two assumptions:

1. Endurance training:
Aimed at improving and developing efficiency of the cardio-respiratory system, the formation of muscle strength,
improve coordination. This training prepares you for long-distance swimming and free swimming in open water.

2. Technical training:
The purpose of this training is to improve the swimming technique swimming, shaping speed and endurance swimming,
sports teaching swimming techniques (intensive swimming styles pływackimi and Medley), preparing to take part
in swimming competitions as well as in the triathlon, Aquathlonie, marathons, swimming, etc …

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Schedule for the year 2016/2017
swimming workouts for teenagers and adults pool MOSiR Gdańsk Chełm:

The duration of classes is 40 minutes.

Discount for students is available only with a valid student ID.

There is no possibility of booking a ticket on a one-time entry.

Ticket for one entrance you can buy immediately before the classes
provided that on any given day, about the time the course will be available free space.

Wait until you come people with passes, and then ask if there is available space.

In the absence of places you can not buy a ticket.


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