Harmonogram doskonalenia pływania dla młodzieży i dorosłych na basenie Politechniki Gdańskiej

Improving swimming technique for teenagers and adults

The ideal activities for those who know the basics of swimming who want to improve their skills.

Beginner Group – is for people who can swim one or two styles,
classes rely on the improvement of the already known swimming styles and learn new ones.

Group Intermediate – for floating crawl, breaststroke and back.
During the course we improve swimming, and we learn the butterfly style elements.

Advanced group – during classes improve swimming technique freestyle, classic, backstroke and butterfly.
Classes are also preparing to swimming training or learning jumping runways and swimming turns.

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Schedule for the year 2016/2017 
improving swimming technique for teenagers and adults pool Gdansk University of Technology:

The duration of classes is 40 minutes.

Discount for students is available only with a valid student ID.

There is no possibility of booking a ticket on a one-time entry.

Ticket for one entrance you can buy immediately before the classes
provided that on any given day, about the time the course will be available free space.

Wait until you come people with passes, and then ask if there is available space.

In the absence of places you can not buy a ticket.


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