We were with our wife last Sunday at the pool.

We were with our wife last Sunday at the pool.
We loved it. His wife was happy,
And when she is, it’s me too.

The atmosphere of the sensational pool,
The other customers are very polite and I am glad,
Because we made new friends 🙂

After a hard WEEK a pleasant change,
You could go and relax around the pool.
And above all it is clean!

I recommend it most and will not end up on yesterday visit;)

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Aqua aerobics with Yvette it’s to me … …


Aqua aerobics is to me the best way to quickly to form
a perfect, feminine silhouette. Why ideal? because the standard
40 minutes of exercise work all parts of the body, and further water
relieves the joints and spine, massaging the body and at the same
time the resistance of the water an ideal weight for working muscles …
I know something about this because I practice already a good few years.

But the most important thing is that the classes are really intense
and led by instructor Iwetta Dobroczek.
Aqua aerobics in them is for people who want to truly practice
and sculpt a figure … so I recommend Ms. Iwetta,
that when it comes to classes Aqua aerobics is the best in the Tri-City !!!

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I attend from a few months to aqua aerobics.

I attend from a few months to aqua aerobics in the pool
Gdansk University of Technology in Wrzeszcz.

I am very pleased with the activities in the three months I have lost 6 kg,
while limiting the sweets.

Classes are taught by experienced trainer Iwetta Dobroczek,
which leads them in a very interesting and eventful,
has an individual approach to each person.

Besides losing weight, I feel less pain,
besides classes also affect the improvement of well-being.

I recommend!

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Improvement of swimming

For several years, it seemed to me that I can swim,
but only in Argonaut I made the very big progress in all styles.

Accurate attention Dobroczek Thomas and his son, David, and adequate exercise caused the flies to me with pleasure. I only regret that so late I decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered lessons to improve swimming. I once had a coach who emphasize only one style (a frog), but in other styles gained only bad habits.

The Argonaut is different, which is why I recommend.

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Aqua Aerobics on Chelm Ms. Dobroczek.

I am demanding participant classes because several years
I am struggling with severe spinal discectomy and therefore
I have to perform exercises under the supervision of a specialist.

Ms. Yvette seems to us not only interesting but also exercise
guards or perform them properly.
In class, each of us feel treated individually.

Each of us dreams of improving their health and appearance,
a living example of the effects of aerobics is Ms. Yvette,
which in addition to a perfect figure exudes warmth and personal charm.

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