Harmonogram Aqua Aerobicu na małym basenie MOSiR Gdańsk Chełm

Aqua Aerobic in a shallow pool

During water aerobics we burn a lot more calories in comparison with exercises in the gym.
The reason for such a significant difference in the reduction of calories in the water is that water
has a higher specific heat the right of the air and that is why in the pool will burn a lot more
calories “Without much” effort than at the same time during strenuous aerobic exercise in the gym.

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Aqua Aerobics at the small pool MOSiR Gdańsk Chełm

Schedule for the year 2016/2017

The duration of classes is 40 minutes.

Discount for students is available only with a valid student ID.

There is no possibility of booking a ticket on a one-time entry.

Ticket for one entrance you can buy immediately before the classes
provided that on any given day, about the time the course will be available free space.

Wait until you come people with passes, and then ask if there is available space.

In the absence of places you can not buy a ticket.


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